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I’m back again with Missguided, this time with the awesome opportunity to style three days worth of outfits from part 2 of Nicole Sherzinger’s NICOLE x MISSGUIDED collection. Having been given a sneaky pre-release peek at all the items, I simply could not turn down the invitation to rock Nicole’s newest gear.

Following on from her previous collection, Nicole brings to Missguided a bold, dark and sexy feel with her pieces. The skirts and dresses are form-fitting, featuring soft cut-outs that accentuate the curves; and the lines of the outerwear are straight and structured. The result: an empowering collection displaying the perfect balance between feminine and edgy that will have any woman feeling sexy-and-ready-to-kill-it confident. (Just how I like it). So here’s how I rocked three days worth of NICOLE X MISSGUIDED.

DAY 1: The Black Dress

2014-10-19 08.43.17 1

2014-10-19 08.47.14 1_20141019213601940

(NICOLE X MISSGUIDED “Cut Out Midi Dress Black”, MISSGUIDED “Katalina Multi Stack Rings in Gold” and “Cosima Multi Stack Rings in Gold”, MISSGUIDED “Clara Black Strappy Heeled Sandals”)

How killer is this dress? The length and neckline are so modest, but the cutout and geometric structure give it a playful feel. There’s the perfect amount of skin peeking through, giving the otherwise sharp dress that sensual feel, not to mention the way it hugs the hips. Not wanting to do too much with the accessories, I opted for some simple strappy heels and kept it edgy with some gold accessories. This is definitely the type of dress you let do the work for you.

DAY 2: White Hot

2014-10-19 08.53.45 1

2014-10-19 09.05.54 1

(NICOLE X MISSGUIDED “Cut Out Back Bodysuit White”, NICOLE X MISSGUIDED “Cut Out Midi Skirt White”, MISSGUIDED “Katalina Multi Stack Rings in Silver”, MISSGUIDED “Clara Snakeskin White Strappy Heeled Sandals”)

This is actually a bodysuit and skirt I paired together to create the look of another cutout dress. The skirt has a matching long-sleeve top, but I decided to opt against the matching set look and create a different outfit altogether. With the skirt being so long on me, I chose this barely-there number to give balance to the outfit, knowing the long-sleeve top would have overwhelmed my frame. The end result is a lighter, racier look. Once again, I kept the accessories to a minimum and just threw on some dainty white heels and silver rings.

DAY 3: Killer Edge

2014-10-19 08.38.03 2

2014-10-19 08.40.49 2_20141019213000739

(NICOLE X MISSGUIDED “Scuba Belted Biker Jacket”, NICOLE X MISSGUIDED “Exposed Zip Midi Skirt Black”, MISSGUIDED “Miley Cleated Platform Heeled Ankle Boots”)

This ensemble is probably my favourite, so of course I saved the best for last. As soon as I saw this jacket I knew I wanted to style it. The unique twist is it’s neoprene feel, giving that traditional heavy biker jacket shape a new lightness and modernity. The skirt is actually very similar in material, so I thought the pairing would be interesting to rock a head-to-toe neoprene outfit. The length of the skirt and structured nature of the jacket meant I could balance it with some skin, so I opted for a teeny bralette (I actually originally planned this outfit to be sans bralette, to my boyfriend’s dismay, so it’s really only there for his benefit haha). And to finish off the edgy look: some killer stomping boots.

Well, that’s all three looks! I hope this post has empowered you to go forth with your sensual kick-ass self.

Rachel xx

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May Day Market

So I’ve had a little break from the blogging world to concentrate on the real life world, I guess you could say. Working full-time and spending my days off shooting and in meetings has meant I’ve had very little time for blog write-ups, so sorryyyyyyy. But I’m back with a really exciting post styling pieces from an awesome Sydney boutique, and you know I love my local talent. So I’m stoked to be sharing May Day Market with you all!

2014-09-14 08.30.27 1

(DANIN DELIMMA “Long Tee”, MAMA’S BOUTIQUE “Cocaine White” skirt, ROC “Pascal” boots, KARL LAGERFELD “Energy Watch”)

Located in Sydney’s Pitt St Westfield, May Day Market is literally what I would envision my ideal wardrobe would translate to in a boutique setting. Their pieces range from casual to formal, all very minimalistic, all subtle in palette, and all beautifully crafted with clean lines.

May Day Market makes a point to stock all Aussie brands (which I love!) but my favourite brand by far (and you can probably tell by the pieces I picked to style) had to be their very own in-house brand Danin Delimma.

What drew me to the Danin Delimma pieces was their simplicity, and how much that says about the brand’s style. It’s so easy to follow trends and look for what’s edgy at the moment, but when I come across a brand that does just enough for their pieces to make an impact without doing too much, that’s when I know I’ve hit the jackpot for wardrobe longevity. It’s that restrained boldness that I love, and the innovative twists on your everyday pieces. Take, for example, the humble white tee styled above: it really isn’t just a tee. It’s not simply two pieces of fabric sewn together; the basis of design is slim and tall in fit, but then incorporates a beautiful draping panel that starts at the shoulder and wraps down across the torso asymmetrically creating texture and volume. It’s also made of the softest crepe-like Japanese cotton so it’s not only perfect fitting, but also functional and breathable. The design comes off so effortless that you don’t need a bold colour, a graphic or print, or anything fussy to make it stand out, it just does so in it’s uncomplicated way.

Another piece I fell in love with is the Asilio tee you’ll see below. Again, not just your average t-shirt, it has a deep side-split detail that I find is such a fun surprise. It hangs so straight and heavy that when you turn it’s that flash of skin that breaks up the block design and gives it a modern twist. Like the Danin Delimma pieces it is quite simple, but in that simplicity you’ll find longevity and the ability to withstand the test of time that overly trendy pieces won’t.

So here’s how I styled May Day Market. I picked what seems the simplest of pieces and let them speak for themselves, pairing them with clean silhouettes that ensure you get to see the most of what the pieces bring to an outfit. Hope you enjoy!

2014-09-14 08.33.09 1_20140914210032826

(ASILIO “On The Side T” via May Day Market – available in-store only, MAMA’S BOUTIQUE “Cocaine White” skirt, ROC “Pascal” boots)

2014-09-14 08.38.25 1_20140914210954317

(DANIN DELIMMA “Mesh Tee”, my own DIY distressed jeans, FREELANCE SHOES “Blessa” pointed heels – in store only)

2014-09-14 08.35.01 1

(DANIN DELIMMA “White Tee”, AMERICAN APPAREL “Easy Jean”FREELANCE SHOES “Blessa” pointed heels – in store only)

2014-09-14 08.45.38 1_20140914210623938

(DANIN DELIMMA “Mesh Tee Small” from May Day Market – available in store only, my own DIY distressed jeans, ROC “Pascal” boots)

I’m such a little monochrome monster haha.

Til next time,

Rachel xx

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Missguided x Minimalism

When Missguided contacted me about collaborating for their “Minimalism” trend project, I was more than excited. Although my style may seem eclectic to some, I like to think I still maintain a minimalist approach to every outfit. I’m not one to clash patterns or colours, and balance and simplicity are always present in my mind when styling a busier piece. So I couldn’t wait to style a head-to-toe minimalist Missguided fit. Here’s what I chose…

2014-07-28 02.40.24 3_20140728230021320

(MISSGUIDED “Mesh Racer Crop Top”, MISSGUIDED “Moxie Cream Crepe Duster Coat”, MISSGUIDED “Marianka Zip Front Cigarette Trousers”, MISSGUIDED “Almeta Extreme Platform Mules”)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of minimalism is a simple colour palette. Of couuuurse I chose monochrome, how predictable am I? Black and white to me are timeless shades, and together they can create a bold and sophisticated look without needing to do too much. The first thing I chose was the pant, and I immediately knew I wanted to style my outfit around these babies. The’re an amazingly comfortable cross between a harem pant and slim-fit trouser, giving them a relaxed-but-chic look. Being somewhat of a high-waisted fit, I chose this racy cropped tank to balance it out. The extreme sleeveless cut, cropped skintight fit and mesh detailing give the outfit that peek of skin needed to offset the pants. And although cute paired as simply as this, I wanted to add another element to the outfit.

2014-07-28 03.08.40 2_20140728224655335

2014-07-28 03.12.42 1_20140728225338197

Enter: The Duster Coat. I’ve been lusting over this style for a while now, but hadn’t found quite the right fit for my petite frame. The thing about duster coats is that the overwhelming length and structured shoulders do little to flatter someone of my stature. But Missguided have answered my prayers with this crepe number.The coat is the perfect length on me, and the soft nature of the material means it hangs organically on the frame, not boxy and broad like others I’ve tried. The texture and light feel of the coat makes it such a perfect match for the pant, you might think they were a set.

Last, but not least, the shoes. Ohhhh the shoes. Did I mention to you that I manage a shoe store here in Sydney? So, understandably, I have quite the obsession for a pretty shoe. Although, “pretty” might not be the first adjective that comes to mind when you see this number. I chose the platform mules primarily for the scooped cut of the shoe. Because the pant hangs so low and straight at the ankles, I needed a shoe that would allow some exposure but still have a classic look to them. Plus, the cleated sole and thick heel and platform not only give me height, they give the somewhat dated shape a new modern spin. The result is a chunky retro number that you’ll either love or hate, and I looooove.

2014-07-28 03.50.15 2_20140728225530771

So that’s my take on minimalism: a simple palette, a balance in fit, and killer shoes to top it off.

Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit as much as I enjoyed styling it! Big thank you to Missguided for the fun opportunity to participate in this project.

Til next time,

Samurai Rachel xx

(Do you see the samurai resemblance? I was feeling pretty kickass with the shoes and hair. Just a tad…)

2014-07-28 02.35.13 2


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So a lot of my Instagram followers ask me about wearing white, and how I keep my outfits clean. Funny story… I don’t. As I’ve mentioned in a previous white-on-white post, I have very little regard for keeping my outfits clean. Why on earth would I wear so much white if this is the case? I just freaking love white. Haha.

Processed with VSCOcam

I had an awesome opportunity to collaborate with two UK brands, ADYN Clothing and La Moda UK, and when asked to select what items I’d like to style I just couldn’t look past these white pieces.

You may have gathered by now that I have a love for mesh and gauzy material, so this ADYN Airtex tee was right up my alley. The difficult thing about styling fairly transparent clothing is maintaining a balance of showy and subtlety. It can all go wrong when you pair a see-through shirt with a tacky bra, so keeping in theme with the sporty nature of the jersey, I chose to wear sporty gear underneath. The cut of the Nike bralette has more coverage than your normal bra, and the athletic look keeps it modest. Pairing this with some bicycle shorts kept it both comfy and simple.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

(ADYN “Airtex Team Adyn White Jersey”)

Moving on to shoes. HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE. I’ve been keeping an eye on La Moda UK for a while now, they seem to be keeping up with and innovating the whole chunky-platform-and-cleated-sole look with their shoes. And I love it. Everything from the curved cut-out, peep-toe, straight strap, and cleated sole has such an insane geometric balance, making this shoe so appealing to the eye. Rocking this chunky number balances out the sheerness of the outfit, giving it more tangible substance. And just to keep it simple, I opted for a thick gold bracelet and thin hoops for my accessories.

2014-07-20 11.10.07 1_20140721094130052

(LA MODA “Autumn White”)

2014-07-20 11.14.12 1

(NIKE FAVOURITES “Women’s Sports Bra”, COTTON ON “Down Under Shortie”, COLLETTE “Round Hoop Earrings”, GODLY GOLD “Thick Cuban Link Bracelet”)

Hope you enjoyed this simple number. White can seem so basic, but when you rock it from head to toe you can really make such a statement. All you need is an eye for balance and the courage to give zero fucks about keeping spotless.

Rachel xx

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Following on from last week’s post… Yes, I have learnt my lesson and have decided to layer up for the cold.

I guess one of the reasons I dislike Winter so much is the need to don thick layers of lumpy clothing to keep warm against the wind. Images of awful itchy sweaters and chunky down jackets immediately come to mind; and I have flashbacks of Winters past: too-long coats and knee-high boots making me look both vertically and fashionably challenged. But dressing warmly doesn’t have to result in frumpy fashion. So here’s what I would wear to brave the cold while still looking chic.


(PREMONITION “Crystal Night Shirt”, AMERICAN APPAREL “Cropped Fisherman Pullover”,  ALICE IN THE EVE Leather Jacket – no longer available, BULLHEAD DENIM “5 Pocket Super High Rise Skinniest Jeans”)

Today was going to be another adventure-filled day with the boyfriend exploring the backstreets of the city. And let me tell you, Sydney city is ridiculously cold. The city blocks lined with sky-scrapers creates the most efficient freeze-your-arse-off-and-never-see-a-hint-of-sun wind tunnels, so I knew I had to dress cozy.

I started today’s outfit with my first layer: the button-up shirt. This one by Premonition has to be my all-time favourite. The shirt features a double layer design in itself: the underneath being your standard long-sleeve button-up, and the outer layer a long draping panel framing either side. This draping effect elongates the torso, so pairing it with my cropped pullover gave it even more length (which is great for my petite self) and added that much needed layer of warmth. Throwing on a pair of skinny jeans keeps the silhouette long and lean, further adding to the illusion of height, and the tight fit keeps me feeling snug. To top it off, a structured leather jacket acts as a great wind-breaker for the gusty weather we’ve been having lately.


You guys know my outfit wouldn’t be complete without a couple of accessory details. Tying in with the gold button detailing of the shirt, I kept to my favourite small black and gold handbag. It does occur to me that I wear quite a lot of monochrome, and I actually did toss up whether or not to throw some colour in with the shoes. Instead I decided to keep it simple, since the outfit has so many layers already, and stuck with a monochrome shoe. The sneakers do keep the look casual, although you could always dress it up with a pair of leather boots.


(MICHAEL KORS “Hamilton Satchel”, NIKE “Flyknit Lunar 1+”)

So lesson of the day for me: I don’t have to freeze my tush off for the sake of fashion. Nor do I have to bury myself in oversized clothing just to keep warm. Smart and chic layering is all one needs to survive this Winter.

But seriously, can Summer come sooner?

Rachel xx


2014-06-25 05.05.43 1

Winter Denial

So, it’s time to face the facts: I’m in full-blown Winter Denial. What realer way to face the music but to be blown about the city in an oversized shift, freezing my tush off and catching a cold. Now here I am, wrapped in a throw with a tea in hand, typing this up in front of my heater.

I have a strong disregard for the necessity of pants. I always have. So when I received this beautiful shift dress by Popcherry, I just had to stay true and step out pantless to show off this number (I mean, I just wouldn’t be doing it justice if I wore tights or anything underneath, right?).


 (POPCHERRY She’s Meshed shift dress)


The reason I love this dress so is that about a season ago, I fell in love with a beautiful top at Zara that sported the same patterned mesh detailed sleeves, while on a lunch break. Sadly, I thought it best to come back and try it on after work, by which time the full size range had been snapped up. So when I saw this beauty on the Popcherry site it was like rediscovering a long lost love. Okay, I may be a little dramatic here but really, I’m so stoked.

The dress is made of beautifully layered mesh and cotton, soft and thick, with cut-outs in the sleeves. There’s something about the oversized fit that keeps the look nice and relaxed, so pairing it with these cute cut-out booties to match dressed up the whole look. I rustled through my wardrobe trying to find a blazer or coat to throw on, but couldn’t bring myself to cover the dress up. So I settled for freezing instead, grabbing my lunch clutch and silver watch and out the door I went.


 (ALDO clutch – exact style no longer available, KARL LAGERFELD Energy Watch via WSI Watches)


 (SIREN Stella boots)

Fashion over function, it’s a terrible battle for me. But being a plague of sneezy disease has made me rethink my winter denial. I’ll definitely need to start rugging up.

Love your sneezy blogger,

Rachel xx


2014-06-22 05.22.21 1


LEGIT ONE is a 21 year old graffiti artist and painter from Carson, California, and a very talented one at that. I recently had the honour of receiving a customised pair of Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers, spray-painted uniquely by the man himself. I cannot begin to explain how amazing the design looks, and feel privileged to have this one of a kind pair in my possession.


(FROM THE TRUNK customised VANS Sk8-Hi sneakers)

Although graffiti is his strong suit, LEGIT ONE is now chasing his dream as an artist through an expansion of the mediums used, branching out to photography, cinematography, painting and graphic design. Along with his partner, he has hosted two art shows as well as recently celebrating his own first solo art exhibition.

When LEGIT ONE approached me expressing his love for fashion and customization, I was more than excited to collaborate. The shoes are spray-painted with his distinctive technique of lines and splatters, making each pair completely unique.


When styling such a statement shoe, I prefer to keep things minimalistic and let the sneakers shine. Here I’ve paired them with a simple outfit, rocking an oversized tee and skinny jeans for a clean silhouette. With the soft pastels throughout the shoes, I chose white as the perfect canvas for the outfit, with just a touch of sporty detailing in the striped jersey-style sleeve of the tee. I decided to keep the accessories non-fussy, donning just my silver Karl watch. And a little tip, when stepping out in any sneakers I like to cuff the end of my jeans. I find this simple detail helps to keep the look feminine with the slight exposure of the ankle breaking up the look from pant to sneaker, especially with a heavy-shaped shoe like the Sk8-Hi.


(ZARA Striped Sleeve Tee, AMERICAN APPAREL Easy Jean, KARL LAGERFELD Energy Watch via WSI Watches)


To follow Legit One and peep his work, check out his Instagram account @legitxmonsta93 as well as the business page where you can purchase customised sneakers at @fromthetrunk. Their lookbook is also up, as well as videos on their YouTube.

Finally, check out his blog for more news and inspiration!

Rachel xx


photo 1_20140618194918489

My Everyday Makeup

Hello all!

Some of my Instagram followers have been asking me for a makeup post for a while now, so today I thought I’d start with an everyday makeup look. This won’t be much of a “tutorial”, rather more of a “products I use everyday” type post because let’s face it, I’m no makeup artist. Nonetheless, I will go into some detail about how I use the products featured, with the images revolving mostly around the eyes and eyebrows where more technique is required. The rest is simple.

First things first, take off allllll thattt caaaake!


The first thing I do before applying any product is give my face a good cleanse and moisturise. It surprises people to hear that I have very sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts (I struggled with acne growing up) so the products I use are acne-preventing products. Even though I’m blessed to have pretty clear skin at the moment, I still tend to stick with products I know won’t disrupt the peace. Currently, I’m using Phisohex Antibacterial Face Wash to give a good cleanse and follow this with Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Free Facial Moisturising Lotion.

The next step is to apply foundation. I usually leave the house with just a dusting of powder, but today I’ve used Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in 857 Golden Tan. This foundation has a light feel on the skin, and when applied with my Beauty Blender it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all. Another bonus, I’ve never broken out using it so extra points for those with sensitive skin. It is buildable if you require full coverage, but I apply it thinly across my face, taking care to pat the product right up to the hairline and down the neckline for a natural finish. I then set it with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus in NC40 with a MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush, the tapered tip prefect for getting into all little corners you’d miss with a round fluffy brush.

Moving onto the eyes. I start by taking my MAC 266 Small Angle Brush and applying MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack along the upper lash line, from corner to corner. I then create a small angled line at the outer edge, following the natural curve of the lower lash line to determine the angle. This is the base of the wing shape.

Image Image

To finish the outer wing, I take the brush starting at the tip of the angled line and run the product right back to meet the centre of the lash line, filling in any empty space left.

Image Image

Next I use the same technique on the inner corner, this time using the upper lash line as a guide to determine the angle and connecting it right into the tear duct to create a small “v”.


For my eyebrows, I can’t even begin to explain how in love I am with Anastasia brow products. Prior to picking them up on a recent trip to Hawaii (Australia doesn’t have a stockist for Anastasia as yet, c’monnnn Sephora I’m waiting for you!) I struggled to find anything that looked natural on my dark ashen brows. The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony is the perfect colour match to define my brows and give them a bolder look. The consistency is very easy to work with, gliding on wet and drying matte for a natural finish.

I start by by using my Sephora Pro Brow Brush 20 with the pomade to outline the outer half of my brow, top and bottom, defining the arch. I then go back in with the product still left on my brush and fill in the outer third first with the majority of the product, working backward using less and less product until I reach the inner third where I barely use any product at all.

Image Image

Next I take a clean spoolie and give my brows a good brush, breaking up the product and softening any harsh strokes. Finally, I take my Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies mascara and apply a light coating to my eyelashes aaaaand my brows. Why don’t I use brow gel like a normal human being? The honest truth, I can’t be bothered when my mascara does the job just fine for me from lashes to brows (and I don’t like the glossy crust gels leave).


I then use my MAC 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush to apply a light dusting of the MAC Riri loves MAC Bronzing Powder into the crease and outer corner of my eyelids. Taking my MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush  I sweep the same bronzing powder across my cheekbones.


Finally, I finish by mixing MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy and Taupe to give the perfect subtle lip! (Although, usually I’ll settle for a dab of Lucas Pawpaw Ointment to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day.)


When I’m all done, what else is there but to selfie?


I hope this satisfies your makeup curiosity. I definitely plan to post more inspired makeup looks in the future, so please let me know here or on my Instagram if you have any requests!

Til next time,

Rachel xx



2014-06-09 09.48.47 1

Mix It Up

I honestly don’t know how I dress myself half the time. I look at an item and think, “Hey, I don’t want to wear you in a predictable matching ensemble, I wanna mix it up”, which is pretty much how I end up choosing an outfit. I’ll start with one piece and rustle through my wardrobe til I find, I’m not sure, something I wasn’t looking for? And then put the two together. I guess, in my random mind, steering away from the expected is just so much more fun.

One of the best things about mixing up your pieces is that you can create “looks” that are either unique, or still on trend but different from the norm. Today I’m working with two different brands, AKA Clothing and Lioness Fashion (website currently under construction), each with a vastly different aesthetic yet nonetheless working harmoniously together.


(AKA CLOTHING “Medusa Mesh Bomber”, LIONESS high-waisted shorts)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my style is something along the lines of laid-back “street”. So when Lioness Fashion, an Aussie (whoop!) boutique womenswear label, contacted me I was excited to see what I could do with the dainty girlier items they stock. I was drawn to these white high-waisted shorts for their floaty-yet-structured look. The material itself is soft and light, but in person it gives a neoprene look in its form and finish. One might look at them and think to do a soft chiffon button-up blouse look, or a cropped tee and dressy flats ensemble, but I guess my subconscious was thinking “sporty chic” when I picked this mesh bomber to pair it with.

A progressive streetwear brand, AKA Clothing has really hit a home run for me with this piece. Mesh lends itself an athletic feel due to its breezy nature, and I love how AKA has incorporated such a light texture into a traditionally heavy-shaped silhouette, elevating the whole piece. The finish is so chic and effortless. Once I’ve picked the core of my outfit and decided what “look” I’m going for, the rest is easy. I use smaller pieces to tie the look together, the first here being my favourite Nike sports bralette to add to the sporty look. My Flyknits were an easy choice, not only does the gauzy texture compliment the mesh bomber, it marries the bralette into the look and gives the outfit a bit more life with the bold colouring. Finally, so I don’t look like I’m actually about to run track, I’ve accessorised with my statement gold watch and stud earrings. And of course, a little lippie goes a looong way!


(NIKE FAVOURITES “Women’s Sports Bra”, MICHAEL KORS “Ritz Watch”, LOVISA “Small Knot Stud earrings”, LI ME CRIME “Wicked” Velvetine via VERGE GIRL)


( NIKE “Flyknit Racer” – exact colourway no longer available)

Mixing streetwear with boutique womenswear and ending up with a sporty look, who knows how my mind works? Anyway, I hope this short post inspires you all to delve into your wardrobe, pull up random pieces and mix it up!

Rachel xx


2014-06-03 07.36.54 1

Boyfriend Basics

Recently, I’ve found myself accumulating a vast amount of “boyfriend” style pieces, which ties in with  my aesthetic I suppose. But what I really love about the style is the effortless look the pieces give to an outfit. Today I took my most recent additions, my boyfriend blazer and menswear joggers, for a cozy spin.


(NEON HART “Sharp Shoulder Blazer” via GENERAL PANTS, VMU LONDON “Double Silver Zip Joggers”)

The key identifiers to “boyfriend” pieces are an oversized fit, a relaxed appearance, and pretty much giving you that I-just-raided-my-boyfriend’s-wardrobe look (as I often do). The blazer styled here has a longer torso length than your average, with bold structured shoulders that give a tough feel. You wouldn’t think to pair such a structured piece with a pair of relaxed joggers, but the slouchy style and baggy fit indeed compliments the masculine vibe of the blazer. Keeping with the theme, I’ve worn my chunky Michael Kors watch to top it off.


(NIKE FAVOURITES “Women’s Sports Bra”, MICHAEL KORS “Ritz Watch”, LOVISA “Small Knot Stud earrings”)

However, if you’re like me you don’t want to leave the house looking like a total dude. This is where the smaller pieces come in. Once I’ve chosen the statement pieces to my outfit, I try to compliment them with simpler items that won’t overwhelm the look. For someone as short as myself, (I stand at a humble 5’4″), I’ve learnt the  key to lengthening my body’s appearance is balance. When wearing pieces that may overwhelm my frame, I off-set them with daintier pieces that either hug the body or allow a peek of skin to flatter the feminine form. The bralet I’ve chosen, though sporty in nature, gives balance and proportion to the outfit. To add extra height and further elongate the look of my body I’ve thrown on a pair of heels, the points drawing the eye right down the legs. Small details like simple stud earrings, a cuff of the hem of your pant, a plum-coloured lip and some voluminous hair will give that feminine touch and tie the whole look together.


(FREELANCE SHOES “Blessa” heels)

So here’s me saying dare to mix and match, go forth and raid your man’s wardrobe, and don’t automatically think that the boyfriend look will result in a frumpy, unflattering, tomboy appearance. There’s plenty of ways to rock menswear and masculine pieces in a sexy way. But most of all, boyyyy am I comfy!

Rachel xx